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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Braised, And Larded Grouse

           Braised and Larded Grouse-Apparently, many of you are wondering about the small rectangle preceeding the name of this recipe. on the cook-book page, published in 1995, and written  entirely in script. It is where my initials were; but since blogger can not reproduce them the rectangle appears here, In order for my initials to appear, I would have to insert them manually, as a picture image, like so.

            Properly prepared grouse are delectable, the flesh, probably superior to any of the introduced varieties of birds, but grouse are rather dry; so braising is probably the better choice, rather than roasting and they will still need to be properly larded in order to be really succulent .
1. Clean and wash quickly under running water.
2. Cover bird entirely with thin slices of bacon, tying them in place with crossing of butcher twine.
  3. Place in a braising pan and pour over enough boiling water to use for basting the birds.
4. Braise in a moderate oven (350 F.) about 45 minutes. Baste frequently.
5. When done, remove bacon strips, brush birds with oil and melted fat, dredge with flour and place in oven again and bake (Uncovered, braising is complete) just until brown.
6. The liquid, remaining in the pan, may be thickened (using a brown roux), seasoned, and used as gravy.
7. Arrange the birds on a platter and garnish with rings of sautéed green pepper, and strips of bacon. Allow 1 grouse per person.
©Al (Alex-Alexander) D Girvan 1995. .All rights reserved.


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