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Cooking is an Exciting art, Science, and Technology, it is Very Relevant to Human Life and Personal Experience.

Cooking is an exciting art, science, and technology, it is very relevant to human life and personal experience, and it is always embracing new information. My goal is to convey this excitement by helping readers ,or students, understand the science, and technology, and truly appreciate the art of cooking.
 I was born in 1940 rural Alberta . Full electricity, running water, and telephone were things only hoped for and the old way of life was still quite common. Whether you lived in the city or in the country; in those days you tried to raise your own eats (those that could not be gathered wild), and that went for the meats also (many city dwellers raised a few chickens). What you couldn't raise you would try to shoot and I would venture to say that every man, woman and child on both sides had some knowledge of how to set a hen, skin a rabbit, fire a rifle, hitch a horse and butcher a hog. It was a way of life- of survival.
          Fortunately because my mother and grandmothers started teaching me at an early age, combined with two years training at, The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, experience gained through owning a small hotel and restaurants; plus many years spent working as a camp cook in the Canadian arctic ;I have an excellent base on which to build. More than simply a of recipes, I hope --through my blogs  to present a fascinating picture of people trying to understand each other.
          Anyone can become a wizard in the kitchen or around the camp fire . Even the novice will be able to turn out exotic delights; the experienced cook will find new inspiration and challenge in the wide variety of foods offered

I do not include any "slurp, burp, and dash" recipes For this I do not apologize.

Food is the only thing that truly nourishes both body and soul
Many North American cooks badly over-cook much of their food
Now you might say that they do so as a matter of choice, which of course it is
But overcooking also destroys much of the flavour, and nutritive value. In order to compensate for these losses, they then use too much ketchup, steak sauce, or too many spices which can adversely affect the digestive system, overall health, and eventually lead to death.

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