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LocationVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
IntroductionMy father's family came from around Girvan Scotland. My mother's family was from Barrie and Orillia, Simcoe Ontario; where they had lived for several generations before moving to Alberta. I was born to 1940 rural Alberta (Winterburn area just outside of Edmonton--See post Canadian I Am--History of School,Store and Grain Elevator. Full electricity, running water, and telephone were things only hoped for; and of course there was no TV so the old way of life was still quite common. I grew up in and around Edmonton. My wife grew up near a small town in the rural Peace River area of Alberta. Whether you lived in the city or in the country; in those days you tried to raise your own eats (those that could not be gathered wild), and that went for meats also (many city dwellers raised a few chickens, almost all had a garden, and if you lived near the out-skirts, it was not unheard of to raise a hog or two). What you couldn't raise you would try to shoot. I would venture to say that every man, woman, and child, had some knowledge of how to set a hen, skin a rabbit, fire a rifle, hitch a horse, and butcher a hog. It was survival.
InterestsCooking, Publishing and Selling my Cook-book, Nursing, Psychology, Writing, Pool,Dog Training, Fishing, Camping, Harmonica
Favourite FilmsFavorite TV Shows: You've gotta be kidding; in this era, of little or no talent, formula scripts and carbon copy performers, one show is almost an exact replica of another. This is especially true of country music performers, most "pop" (notably female), and music videos--put a bag over the performers head and everything else is the same.There's really nothing worth watching-- most shows are either an insult to a persons intelligence, or they have been premièring "first time today, at this time, on this channel," for the last sixty years. The entertainment industry is sorely in need of at least ONE truly talented performer. Favourite Movies: As above.
Favourite MusicFavorite Music: Jazz-especially big band with a well played sax or trumpet. I also very much enjoy "good" finger or Chet Atkins style guitar and, if it is also well played, with a pure, rich, sound, by someone who can actually read music, the simple little harmonica.
Favourite BooksPoems of Robert Service, Poems of Robbie Burns, The Edmonton Story, Never Cry Wolf, Death of a Legend, and my cook book.
Map of the places where this user has lived
Vancouver British Columbia
Previously-Note: Although it is so indicated on the above Google map, I have never lived in The United States of The Americas; but, on the other hand, as listed below, I have been, and lived, much further North than the Mackenzie Delta area; which is the furtherest North area shown on the Google map. 
Edmonton Alberta Canada - Alberta: EDMONTON, Calgary,Lethbridge, Banff, Bonanza, Big Valley, Bragg Creek,Conklin, Deadwood, Donalda, Drayton Valley, Amisk, Hughendin, Czar,Grand Prarie, Jasper, Lacombe, Leduc, Millet, Mulhurst, Mundare, Peers, Niton, Embarras, No Jack, Obed, Redcliff, Red Willow, Reno, Rimby, St Albeart,St. Paul, Picardville, Thorsby , Slave Lake, Stoney Plain, Vimey, Warburg, Westlock, Wetaskiwin, Wabaska, Fairview, Hines Creek. British Columbia: Fort St. John, Dawson's Creek, Hope, Lady Smith, Vancouver, Paddle Prarie, Prince Rupert, Stewart. I have also worked All over in the Canadian Arctic - NORTH WEST TERRITORIES, Aklavik,Fort Resolution, Fort Simpson, Fort Smith Hay River, - MACKENZIE DELTA, Inuvik,Norman Wells Tuktoyaktuk, Wrigley - NUNIVUT, Alert, Baffin Island, Baker Lake, Cambridge Bay,Churchill, Elesmere Island, Iqaluit, Melvile Island, Rankin Island, Resolute, Quttinirpaaq (pronounced 'koo-tin-ir-pa-ak'), as the Inuktitut name suggests, really is the 'top of the world.' Located at the northern tip of Ellesmere Island in the High Arctic, Victoria Island
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