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Nature,(Creator of All) is Good to us.

 Nature is good to us-Nature, alone, provides all that is needed to live, prosper, and be happy.

Wild Vegetables, Mushrooms, and Berries
Natures Garden-Pantry, 
 The Stuff of Life
So long as you are able to move, there is absolutely no reason to ever starve, or go hungry, in even the most remote sections of Canada. And, although it would not hurt you, it is not necessary to resort to eating worms and grubs.

Special add Notes
·   Arctic: Nearly all vegetables =Edible
Don't eat:
Fungi, Baneberry, lupine, buttercup, Death Camas, False Hellebore, Larkspur, Monkshood, Vetch,
·      All berries in Arctic are Edible except **BANEBERRY**
·   All lichens in far north are Edible.
    Steam or boil them for safety.
·   All grasses, seeds, nuts, fruits=Edible- Blades with common base or stalk; be careful, high cellulose content, leaves are stomach abrasive.
No known grass is poisonous
·   All Seaweed (not threadlike) below water=Edible, cooked; eat slowly
·   Inner Bark Food:
  Of Birch, Aspen, Poplar, Most Pines, Slippery Elm, Willow, Maple, good Raw, cooked, tea Store in dried strips
·   Sap-Very nourishing:
  Cherry, Maple, Aspen, Birch, you can live on this alone for many weeks. Drink raw: Tap from hole into inner bark, 2 gal in 24 hours Plug tap after use
·   Pine All seeds and roots are rich in fat and protein. All seeds in Spruce or pine cones rich in fat, protein.
·   Any Canadian vine and all ferns =Edible. 
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