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In Nature, nothing is a separate entity; and nothing has dominion, everything and everyone, exists as a part of the whole.
Everything, and Everyone, is Equal.
In the beginning, Nature, Creator of All, (not God for a god did not yet exist), created the elements, and chemistry, of the universe.
The universe was without form, and void was upon the face of the deep. Everything was as a fog or mist. And NATURE(nature is neither; and both; mother and father, the father gives and protects life and movement, the mother carries and nourishes it, at least for a time) decided, Let there be light: and the various stars were formed. But the stars were not stable;
only Nature knows how long—for time like a God; is an invention of “Man” and does not exist outside of his imagined realm(part of his computer programmed role)
—solar flashes, from the stars spun off and formed much, much, smaller masses. 
Then according to one of the Laws of Nature,The Creator (centrifugal force) these masses formed globes and because these masses were so small, they eventually cooled and formed the planets and asteroids. Thus the various solar systems were formed. This occurred all over; in various parts of the universe. One of these small, insignificant planets was the one “Man” now calls Earth. But, Humanity did not yet exist “Man” did not yet exist;
 and because a god must be recognized,
 in order to exist,
 and, because only “Man” recognizes a god, God did not YET exist.

I reject the concept of a God; THAT MAN CREATED IN HIS OWN PUNY IMAGE-Nature-"The Creator" is not confined to any one image:
 all that exists, 
all that did ever exist,
 all that ever will  exist, 
is in her/his=Nature's; image,
 and was created as a part of 
"Nature, The Creator".

I reject the concept of a “Divine God-
"Nature, The Creator "
 does not claim to be divine.

I reject the concept of a God; that is a dictator, all controlling, all demanding, and all powerful—Nature The Creator-- does not “claim” to control, makes no demands, does not claim any power, and asks only 

I reject the concept of a God; who demands that everything must be done according to “his will”—this sounds too much like the policies of The United States of the Americas and George W. Bush-- Nature, The Creator, makes no such DEMANDS.

I reject the concept of a God; who demands that you must accept “him” in order to obtain ever-lasting life— Nature, The Creator, gives ever-lasting life to everyone and everything.

I reject the concept of a God or a purported “Son of God as the “King of Kings”—a king is a dictator and not my image of a higher power.

I reject the concept of an “ALL PERFECT” God that is also a rapist and would impregnate a woman without her consent.

I reject the concept that a “Higher Power” must be male, female 
 or have any relationship what so ever with “HUMANITY”.

I reject the concept that “HUMANITY”
 is anything SPECIAL, 
on the planet Earth, or anywhere else in the COSMOS.

I reject the concept of a jealous God--
Nature, The Creator, is never jealous or demanding.
 Nature only asks and then only for--

Finally- I reject the concept that Christ was a God; or even the son of a God. 
Christ was human, he had a human mother
of that there can be no doubt;
 and he had a navel to prove it. 
He died 2000 years ago.

Everything in Nature and created by Nature-
through space, and from one dimension to another. And so the planets spun, producing what man now chooses to call Day and Night.

 Nature saw this as neither “Good” nor “Bad”, for these terms do not exist inor with Nature, and even in Mans world, are defined only by the beholder, for his own SPECIAL purpose.

Next, according to The Bible, God said (but remember there was not yet a god in existence) Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which above the firmament.

plus the surrounding gaseous atmosphere—
no other part of the solar system, galaxy,
 or universe, is included. 
HEAVEN is the planet Earth,
 according to The Bible;
 but then,
 also according to The Bible;
 only the dry land is Earth.

Well, I do not believe in the bible and inThe Creator's, Nature’s World, in  due process, eventually, on the planet we call Earth-- and in all probability—in many places elsewhere, 
The Nature brought forth grass,
 the herb yielding seed,
 and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed was in itself, after his kind. 
But of course, The Crator first had to establish life; and because there were not yet any organic materials on land to support any form of plant, or animal life;
 that life had to be started in the waters.

 according to “The Bible”(Genesis1,26)
 “And God said, 
Let us make man in OUR image, 
after OUR likeness.
How could this be? 
It could not—or, if you insist that it could; which part of man would we be we referring to? 
Man is not a separate entity; he is, for want of better words-- a commune, conglomerate, or union, a coming together of millions, trillions, trillions of trillions, of various and diverse life forms; in an environment capable of sustaining and protecting life. 
In nature, nothing is separate or independent, everything is an integral part of the whole, everything works together, and, when the time comes, everything is harvested, and recycled, so that Nature, and the beautiful, wondrous things "THE CREATOR"has created continue to move on.
And God said unto them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it.”
Supposedly, these were the words of God.
Why, if God created nature; would he feel that  The Nature The Creator-- of All, must be subdued?
 And, why is it that everything man has done or attempted in order to subdue Nature has only brought "Man" closer to extinction?

It is because “God” was created by man; not the other way around; and while man is, and has always attempted to copy, equal, or emanate Nature, The Creator, he has never succeeded. But on the other hand, man, for all his boasting, and dreams of dominion, has produced absolutely nothing that--
 Nature, The Creator needs or wants. 
Man and Man alone; is the threat, to not only world survival, but, survival of theCosmos, the Universe.
 Nature, The Creator, is not worried; for 
The Creator always has, and always will, exist.
On the other hand, if one really reads the bible and what is written, then one must very quickly conclude that it: is written by capitalists in order to serve their own gain, promote superstition and ignorance, very contradictory, and is an attempt to glorify "Man" and not any god. 
is responsible for more death, 
and human suffering;
 than all other things combined. 

©Al (Alex, Alexander) D. Girvan

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